Although we serve a broad client base across the country, many of our clients have some things in common. They are seeking guidance in organizing their financial lives and creating a comprehensive, tax-efficient, financial plan that addresses their needs and concerns to help give them confidence in reaching their goals. They want to work with a Certified Financial Planner™ practioner to ensure their entire financial picture is considered and to help them live their lives on purpose for the reasons important to them.

Pre-Retirees / Retirees

We help our clients grow, protect, and distribute retirement assets tax-efficiently, while minimizing risk. We help our clients address the following questions:

  • Am I on track for a secure retirement?
  • When can I retire?
  • Which account type (taxable vs tax-deferred) should I contribute to, or distribute from?
  • When should I start taking my Social Security?
  • How do I calculate my Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)?
  • Will I run out of money?
  • How do I design a tax-efficient and sustainable retirement income plan?
  • How do I leave a tax-efficient legacy to my family or favorite charity?
  • How do I grow my investments while minimizing risk?

Life in Transition

Life’s journey can contain pleasant surprises as well as challenging times and we need to prepare for both. These situations can be very stressful. We take the time to explain and walk through the planning process to make it understandable.

  • How do I handle the sudden wealth wisely?
  • My spouse always handled the finances. How can I now make wise decisions?

Business Owners / Corporations

Business owners and corporate officers work hard for their success and must consider the next steps.

  • How do I diversify from a concentrated stock positions tax-efficiently?
  • How do I plan for a smooth business succession?
  • How do I reward key employees?
  • How do I establish a qualified and/or non-qualified retirement plans?
  • How can I establish a financial education program for employees?

Non-Profit Organizations

Assisting organizations in being good stewards of their assets in establishing Investment Policy Statements and performing performance / risk analysis reports.

  • How do we evaluate if our assets are being optimized and managed effectively according to our Investment Policy Statement?
  • How to establish a qualified retirement plan for employees?

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